Shunt reactors

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Shunt Reactor is an absorber of reactive power,it is same as power transformer but it has only one winding per phase as compared to power transformer.

  • FOB Price: US $1000 -9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1Sets
  • Supply Ability: 300Pieces per Month
  • Production cycle: 15-45 Days
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    Shunt Reactor is an absorber of reactive power,it is same as power transformer but it has only one winding per phase as compared to power transformer.

    1.Increasing the energy efficiency of the system. It is the most compact device commonly used for reactive power compensation in long high-voltage transmission lines and in cable systems. The Shunt Reactor can be directly connected to the power line or to a tertiary winding of a three-winding transformer.

    2.Improving power quality and reducing transmission costs .

    Over long transmission lines, reactive power is generated as an effect of the capacitance be- tween the lines and earth. The reactive power cannot be used for any application and should be balanced to reduce energy losses. Shunt Reactors absorb the reactive power, thus increasing the energy efficiency of the system.

    Jingcheng Shunt Reactors increase the energy efficiency of power transmission systems by improving power quality and reducing transmission costs.Improve the utilization rate of electric energy and extend the service life of electrical equipment.

    3.Improving voltage stability at low load

    At low loads, the voltage increases along the transmission line. A Shunt Reactor reduces the voltage increase, keeps the voltage within the de- sired limits, and contributes to the voltage stabil- ity of the system.

    What kind of place use Shunt Reactor ?

    1. When the load of transmission and distribution system is no-load or light load, it is capacitive to reduce the power frequency transient overvoltage.

    2.Improve voltage distribution on long transmission lines. Prevent possible self excitation resonance of generator with long line.

    3.Reduce the power frequency steady-state voltage on the high-voltage bus when the large unit is paralleled with the system, so that the generator can be paralleled in the same period.

    4.When the neutral point of the reactor is connected to the small reactance grounding device, the small reactor can also be used to compensate the phase to phase and phase to ground capacitance of the line, so as to accelerate the automatic extinction of the potential supply current and facilitate the adoption of single-phase automatic reclosing.

    What are Shunt reactor advantages ?

    Shunt Reactors are the most compact and cost-ef- ficient way to compensate for reactive power generation in long high-voltage power transmis- sion lines and in cable systems. They can be per- manently used in service to stabilize power trans- mission, or switched in under light-load conditions for voltage control only.

    What kind of types of Shunt Reactors do we have ?

    Oil-immersed reactor, Dry-type Air-core reactor, Iron-core reactor .

      Oil-immersed Shunt Reactor

     Oil immersed Shunt Reactor is suitable for high-voltage parallel circuit in 35kV or below power system and high-speed railway power supply system. It transmits inductive reactive power to the system through main transformer to compensate capacitive current of transmission line, prevent voltage rise of light load line end, maintain voltage stability of transmission system, improve power factor of power system and save energy. This series is energy-saving and environmental protection product.

    What are Oil-immersed Shunt Reactor advantages ?

    1. The product adopts high-quality silicon steel sheet, electromagnetic wire, insulating material and advanced vacuum drying process to ensure all electrical performance indexes.

    2. Optimize the design of technical performance parameters, and all performance indicators meet the requirements of national and industrial standards and the needs of users.

    3. The product is of oil immersed self cooling type, compact structure, small volume, light weight, simple installation and maintenance, etc.

    4. High quality transformer oil, high-voltage dispensing cable paper and non dip coating corrugated electrical insulating paper are used as the main insulation, with excellent insulation performance. The oil tank is corrugated oil tank with good circulation and heat dissipation, so that the temperature rise of iron core and coil is low, and the product operation is safe and reliable.






    Iron Core Shunt Reactors


    Iron core Shunt Reactor is suitable for compensating the capacitance current of the line in the high-voltage transmission system, limiting the system type frequency voltage rise and operating over-voltage, so as to reduce and balance the insulation level of the system, improve the transmission capacity of the line, reduce the line loss, and ensure the reliable operation of the line. Small and medium power Shunt Reactor can also be used in the over compensation or capacitive load circuit of shunt capacitor to compensate capacitive current and make the power supply system run stably.

    What are Iron Core Shunt Reactor advantages ?

    1. Multi layer parallel air duct structure, epoxy glass fiber wrapped. The distribution of impulse potential is uniform and the ability of withstanding short circuit current is good.

    2. The advanced computer-aided design can determine the structure and parameters of the product quickly and accurately according to the requirements of customers.

    3. The form of dry-type air core eliminates the disadvantages of oil immersed reactor leakage, and there is no consideration of core saturation, and the linearity of inductance value is good.

    4. The winding adopts a variety of small cross-section film wrapped conductor winding system, which has the characteristics of excellent insulation performance, low loss, light weight, small volume, maintenance free, etc.

    2、 Main technical indicator

    1. Overload capacity: continuous operation under 1.35 times of rated current.

    2. Thermal stability: it can withstand the rated current of the reciprocal of the rated reactance rate for 2S.

    3. Dynamic stability performance: it can withstand 2.55 times of the thermal stability current for 0.5s without any thermal mechanical operation damage.

    5. Temperature rise: average temperature rise of coil ≤ 75K.

    6. Installation mode and minimum magnetic distance:

    Dry type air core reactor can be installed horizontally or vertically. The angle between the incoming and outgoing terminals is 0 °, 90 ° and 180 °. When installing air core reactor, the minimum clear magnetic space distance of the reactor to other metal parts shall be ensured. The net space distance between the large metal parts and the closed-loop metal parts should be increased.



    Air Core Shunt Reactor

    Air-Core Shunt Reactors are now being used more frequently on high voltage power transmission systems to limit overvoltages. Recently, high voltage dry-type air-core Shunt Reactors have been designed, manufactured and installed directly connected to the transmission systems at voltages up to and including 35 kV.

    What are Air-Core Shunt Reactor advantages ?

    Limited temperature rise enables longer lifetime

    Special surface protection against UV and pollution Class IV areas

    Maintenance-free design

    Epoxy impregnated, fiberglass encapsulated winding

    Low losses and noise level











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