The 14th power quality Summit Forum

The 14th power quality Summit Forum

On August 25, 2020, the 14th power quality Summit Forum will be held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center on August 25, 2020. After the real name certification of exhibitors and visitors, their body temperature will be measured, and then they will enter the venue orderly. Jingcheng electric power was invited to attend the meeting, and the general manager and major sales leaders domestic and abroad attended the meeting.

Focusing on power quality, the meeting discussed in detail the power grid dispatching automation technology under the energy Internet environment, smart substation, cloud computing and block chain application technology in distribution network, high voltage electrical equipment in the era of big data, power quality big data mining technology and other topics.


At the meeting, the chief engineer of State Grid of China has analyzed the future trend of our national grid, big data, cloud computing, directional transmission and other directions, so that we can use cheaper, more secure and stable electricity. In view of the demand and development of reactive power compensation in the iron and steel industry, Baosteel’s technical director has put forward valuable experience and suggestions on Baosteel’s own equipment failure in the past 20 years; Professor of Fujian University has put forward a lot of bold ideas for the development and future development direction of China’s electric power equipment, and combined with his own research results of simulation and simulation, they can be transformed into products in time for the benefit of society.


Participating in the exhibition are all manufacturers related to power quality, such as the exhibitors of complete sets of capacitors, reactors, active filters, static var generators and their related accessories.


Post time: Aug-26-2020