Jingcheng Electric’s large capacity magnetically controlled reactor project of offshore wind power

Jingcheng Electric won the bid for magnetic control reactor BKSMC-60000-35 of Jiangsu Rudong H4 offshore wind farm project

Each wind turbine motor in the wind farm is equipped with a set of step-up equipment, which is boosted to 35kV and connected to the 35kV Power distribution device of the offshore booster station through multiple connections. Then it is boosted to 220kV through the offshore booster station. After that, it is sent to the land centralized control center by two submarine cables.

The 220kV power distribution device in the land centralized control center adopts single bus connection with three in and one out, and each submarine cable incoming line interval is equipped with a high-voltage reactor. One 220 / 35kV step-down transformer is set up in the land centralized control center; the switch cabinet is set at the 35kV side and single bus connection is adopted; the dynamic reactive power compensation device, low-voltage reactor and station transformer are connected to the 35kV bus.

Jingcheng electric has rich experience in offshore wind power and large capacity magnetic controlled reactors. Facing the increasingly stringent requirements of the State Grid, it is expected to install power transmission in early September.


Post time: Jul-22-2020