Dry Core Shunt Reactor BKSC-10 / 5000 of Jingcheng electric

Dry Core Shunt Reactor BKSC-10 / 5000 of Jingcheng electric

On August 17, 2020, the 10kV large capacity 5000kvar dry-type core shunt reactor independently developed by Hangzhou Jingcheng electric Equipment Co., Ltd. passed all tests successfully. As early as many years ago, Jingcheng electric has already broken through 10kV capacity 10000kvar dry type shunt reactor. It is one of the few manufacturers in China that can produce large capacity core shunt reactor.

In the power system, dry-type core shunt reactor is used to compensate the capacitive current of the line and suppress the line end power frequency voltage rise and switching overvoltage caused by the line capacitive reactive power when the transmission line is under light load. At the same time, the connection of shunt reactor can reduce the secondary arc current when the system grounding fault occurs, which is beneficial to eliminate the generator self excitation.

It represents that Jingcheng electric has the strength and ability to stand at the front end of domestic dry-type iron core reactor product manufacturing industry.

Customer’s requirement for high-quality products is our pursuit. The customer’s demand for delivery time is more urgent. Through the hard work of the workshop, the final delivery is earlier than the date required by the customer. The test results, temperature rise, noise, we get a very high evaluation from customers.


Post time: Aug-18-2020