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Reactors are also called inductors. When a conductor is energized, a magnetic field is generated in a certain range of space it occupies, so all current-carrying electrical conductors have a general sense.

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    What is Filter reactor 

    Reactors are also called inductors. When a conductor is energized, a magnetic field is generated in a certain range of space it occupies, so all current-carrying electrical conductors have a general sense. However, the inductance of the long straight conductor is small, and the magnetic field generated is not strong. Therefore, the actual reactor is a wire wound into a solenoid, called a hollow reactor; sometimes in order to make this solenoid have a larger inductance, Then insert the iron core in the solenoid, called iron core reactor. Reactance is divided into inductive reactance and capacitive reactance. The more scientific classification is that inductors (inductors) and capacitive reactors (capacitors) are collectively called reactors. So capacitors are called capacitors, and reactors are inductors.


    Why use a reactor?


    There are a large number of harmonic sources in the power grid, such as rectifier, converter and frequency converter. The high-order harmonic generated by them will seriously endanger the safe operation of the main transformer and other electrical equipment in the system. Filter reactor is widely used in high and low pressure filter cabinet. It is connected in series with filter capacitor and tuned to a certain resonance frequency to absorb harmonic current of corresponding frequency in power grid. The reactance rate is 1%, 5.67%, 6%, 12%, 13%, etc., which can eliminate 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 and higher harmonic waves. After the filter reactor is connected in series with the capacitor, it can not only effectively absorb the harmonic of the power grid, but also improve the power factor of the system, which plays a great role in the safe operation of the system.


    What is the function of Filter reactor ?


    1. Limit the short-circuit current, (when the inverter thyristor is switched on at the same time, it is equivalent to the direct short-circuit of the rectifier bridge load) direct short-circuit without reactor.


    2. Restrain the influence of if component on power grid.


    3. The filtering function (rectifier current with AC component; high frequency AC is not easy to pass through large inductance makesReactor.


    4.The output waveform of rectifier is continuous. If it is not continuous, there will be a time when the current is zero. At this time, the inverter bridge stops working, resulting in the open circuit of rectifier bridge.


    5. The input power of parallel inverter circuit has the throughput of reactive power component, and the input circuit of inverter bridge must have the component reactor of energy storage.


    Filter reactor


    Smoothing reactor

    The smoothing reactor and the DC filter together form a DC T-type harmonic filter network, which can reduce the AC pulsation component and filter part of the harmonic, reduce the interference to the communication along the DC line and avoid the harmonic to make the regulation unstable. The smoothing reactor can also prevent the steep wave generated by the DC line from entering the valve hall, so that the converter valve is not damaged by over-voltage.

    When some faults occur in the inverter, the secondary commutation failure can be avoided. It can reduce the probability of inverter commutation failure caused by AC voltage drop. When the DC line is short circuited, the peak value of the short-circuit current is limited under the regulation of the rectifier side. The larger the inductance is, the better, because the increase of inductance has an effect on the automatic regulation characteristics of HVDC system.
    In the DC transmission system, when the DC current is interrupted, it will produce high over-voltage, which is harmful to the insulation and makes the control unstable. By limiting the current change rate caused by the rapid voltage change, the smoothing reactor can prevent the interruption of DC current and reduce the commutation failure rate of converter.


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