Condenser transformer bushing / reactor bushing OIP(Oil impregnated Paper) Bushing

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Condenser transformer bushing / reactor bushing OIP(Oil impregnated Paper) Bushing Oil impregnated paper (OIP) refers to the bushing which is wound with kraft paper and impregnated in transformer grade mineral oil.

  • FOB Price: US $1000 -9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1Sets
  • Supply Ability: 300Pieces per Month
  • Production cycle: 15-45 Days
  • Product Detail

    Condenser transformer bushing / reactor bushing  

    OIPOil impregnated PaperBushing

    Oil impregnated paper (OIP) refers to the bushing which is wound with kraft paper and impregnated in transformer grade mineral oil. The ceramic insulator of oil impregnated paper bushing is usually divided into upper air side and lower oil side. The oil impregnated paper bushing can also be equipped with upper and lower insulators made of other materials, such as epoxy resin or fiber polymer.

    Oil paper capacitive transformer bushing is used in high voltage power transformer as high voltage current carrier and high voltage insulation to transformer shell and ground. Various oil impregnated paper capacitive bushing series are provided for AC and DC transformers and reactors. Design details vary with voltage and current rating.


    The oil paper capacitor transformer produced by our factory is mainly composed of capacitor core, conservator, flange, upper and lower porcelain sleeve. With the help of strong spring and sealing rubber washer, it is pressed into a fully dense structure. In order to meet the requirements of mechanical strength and seismic resistance, the lower end of the upper porcelain part is equipped with a clamping structure. The main insulation is a capacitor core, which is made of concentric capacitors in series to distribute the electric field evenly. The oil conservator can compensate the oil in the casing when the temperature and pressure change. The magnetic needle oil meter is used on the 220kV oil conservator to make the oil level in the casing clear at a glance. The oil meter of 110kV bushing adopts round glass oil meter. The oil conservator and flange are made of cast aluminum, which improves the rust resistance of the product, reduces the weight of the product and beautifies the appearance of the product. The flange is provided with an oil taking device and a measuring terminal, which is connected with the end screen of the core to measure the medium loss and partial discharge of the lasso. During operation, the outer cover of the measuring terminal must be covered to ensure that the end screen is grounded and no open circuit is allowed.


    The capacitor transformer bushing of oil paper adopts the capacitor type fully sealed structure. The main insulation capacitor core is rolled in a strictly controlled clean air conditioning room. After assembly, the product was subjected to water bath sealing test under 0.2MPa nitrogen pressure and leakage inspection under high vacuum. The main insulation is treated by advanced vacuum drying process and vacuum pressure oil soaking process, and impregnated with strictly treated transformer oil (oil performance: Tan 0.1%, breakdown voltage 60kV / 2.5mm, water content 10ppm) with superior electrical performance and reliable sealing, which ensures the durable service life of the sleeve.


    The main test items of oil paper capacitive transformer bushing are appearance and size inspection, dielectric loss measurement, partial discharge measurement, power frequency withstand voltage test, sealing performance inspection, oil performance inspection and oil performance test.


    When the new product is finalized, some margin tests are carried out after passing the type test, as shown in the table below.


    Casing type



    Test items

    Standard value

    Measured value

    Standard value

    Measured value

    Power frequency withstand voltage (kV) 1 mm

    four hundred and sixty

    five hundred and fifty

    two hundred and thirty

    two hundred and seventy-five

    Partial discharge measurement (PC)

    10pc at 252kV

    10pc at 126kV

    10pc at 167kv

    10pc at 200kV

    Dielectric loss (tan) δ) measure

    0.005 at 153kv

    0.005 at 220kV

    0.005 at 77kv

    0.005 at 200kV

    Bending load tolerance (n)

    four thousand

    five thousand

    one thousand two hundred and fifty

    1600 (no card)

    Product model description


    Ordering instructions

    Please pay attention to the following when ordering:

    1. Model (product number)

    2. Rated voltage and current

    3. Specific creepage distance (or creepage distance)

    4. Length of oil immersed part at the lower end of casing

    5. Special requirements can be made according to user’s requirements

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