Capacitor compensation device Isolation switch and pneumatic control system

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The compensation device is used for inductive load compensation in excitation characteristics, load and temperature rise tests of power transformer and reactor. The device can adjust and change the voltage, capacity and compensation current of the capacitor by operating the pneumatic disconnector.

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    Capacitor compensation device

    Isolation switch and pneumatic control system

    Technical proposal

    1 Overview

    The compensation device is used for inductive load compensation in excitation characteristics, load and temperature rise tests of power transformer and reactor. The device can adjust and change the voltage, capacity and compensation current of the capacitor bank by operating the pneumatic disconnector. The operation process is monitored, locked, prompted and alarmed automatically.


    2 operation mode of control system

    Operation mode of pneumatic switch: intelligent operation of disconnector, grounding maintenance operation of disconnector and single operation of disconnector.


    2.1 intelligent operation of Disconnector

    Intelligent operation when the intelligent operation elements are selected, all relevant pneumatic switches will be automatically operated, and the rated parameters of wiring mode will be provided.

    2.1.1 intelligent operation elements

    VICMT-CTS电容器塔控制与保护系统_03 VICMT-CTS电容器塔控制与保护系统_04 VICMT-CTS电容器塔控制与保护系统_05

    Wiring mode

    The connection mode is three-phase delta connection and three-phase Y connection.

    2.1.2 cyclic switching

    The operation time and times of capacitor switch must be recorded in the industrial computer database. According to the switching time and times of each capacitor, the input priority is calculated. The calculation priority function is provided by the buyer.

    2.2 maintenance operation 

    In the maintenance operation state, except the switches listed below are in the off state, the other switches are in the closed state, and the display screen prompts to hang the grounding wire.

    Composition of control system

    3.1 design objectives and principles

    The control system is designed in accordance with the principles of safe, stable and reliable operation system, advanced technology / easy to use, standardization and openness / scalability, and economic practicability.

    VICMT-CTS电容器塔控制与保护系统_06 VICMT-CTS电容器塔控制与保护系统_07 VICMT-CTS电容器塔控制与保护系统_08 VICMT-CTS电容器塔控制与保护系统_09 VICMT-CTS电容器塔控制与保护系统_10


    The design of the control system follows the principle of safety and reliability first. The test electrical system, control system and protective access control system all provide interlocking signals, and the control software forms a complete safety interlocking control system according to these signals. All the pneumatic disconnectors are equipped with pneumatic switches to detect whether the opening and closing are in place, and the faulty pneumatic disconnectors are detected The key process parameters such as air pressure, current and voltage are equipped with high and low limit alarm and ultra-high and low limit emergency stop functions; the security level password is set to manage the operation authorization of operators at all levels; the operation safety of personnel and equipment are in line with the relevant national standards.


    The design of control system follows the principle of reliability first. The key equipment is made of famous brand products at home and abroad, the controller and distributed I / O module are made of PLC, and the pneumatic components are made of joint venture solenoid valve, pneumatic pressure switch and other famous brands, so as to ensure the long-term stability of the system.

    Advanced and easy to use

    Under the premise of satisfying the reliability, the control system scheme fully applies the latest achievements in automation technology, computer and network communication technology, and measuring and measuring technology, making it a comprehensive automation system with the leading technology and maintaining advanced technology in a long time.

    The control system scheme has complete functions of detection, control, monitoring and information processing. The monitoring center adopts a man-machine interface fully compatible with windows style. Each function has been carefully considered and carefully designed. The whole monitoring system is easy to operate and maintain.

    Standardization, openness and scalability


    The scheme design of control system follows the principle of standardization and modularization, and adopts standardized industrial communication mode to organically connect the monitoring center and local controller; adopts general operating system, monitoring and control configuration software to provide unified operation interface and interface; ensures the system has good flexibility, compatibility, expansibility and portability.

    Economic and practical

    Under the premise of ensuring the reliability, advanced nature and scalability of the system, the control system scheme optimizes the system functions and equipment configuration to achieve the practical goal of reducing investment and economic operation.

    3.2 design specifications and standards

    The design of the control system scheme follows the following standards:

    Hg/t20507-2000 design regulations for automatic control instrument selection

    Hg/t20512-2000 design regulations for instrument piping and wiring

    Hg/t20513-2000 design regulations for instrument system grounding

    Hg/t20508-2000 design regulations for control room

    Hg/t20509-2000 design regulations for instrument power supply

    Hg/t20573-95 code for engineering design of decentralized control system

    Gb50093-2002 construction and acceptance of Automation Instrument Engineering

    Gb50174-93 code for design of lightning protection of electronic computer

    3.3 system structure

    According to the requirements, the control system consists of manual control layer, local control layer and remote monitoring layer. Manual control layer is installed in the control cabinet, mainly in case of failure of local control layer and remote monitoring layer, so as to avoid delay of transformer test time. The local control layer is composed of X-Plane control cabinet according to the process requirements, including 1 set of PLC system, 1 group of remote i/o system, 1 local operation computer, X pneumatic solenoid valves, X pneumatic switches and other auxiliary devices, etc.; the remote monitoring layer is equipped with a system monitoring computer and UPS according to the functional design requirements. PLC system of local control layer and computer of remote monitoring layer are connected with each other through Siemens PROFIBUS-DP fieldbus.


    The remote monitoring layer of the control system is equipped with a monitoring computer, which selects high-quality industrial control computer of China and is equipped with UPS UPS UPS UPS. The industrial control computer is equipped with CP5611 communication card, which is used to realize data communication with PLC system.

    The local control layer of the control system is composed of one PLC system, one group of remote i/o system, pneumatic solenoid valve, pneumatic switch and so on. All control exit signals of PLC system are isolated by relay and output after expansion.

     The industrial control computer system and console are installed in the main control room of the system. PLC, remote I / O, pneumatic system, control system and detection system are placed in the most convenient control cabinet away from the site. The side of the pneumatic cabinet is equipped with compressed air pressure filter (three piece set).



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