Discharge Coils

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  • FOB Price: US $1000 -9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1Sets
  • Supply Ability: 300Pieces per Month
  • Production cycle: 15-45 Days
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    Discharge coil 

    Discharge coil is used in power system to connect with high voltage shunt capacitor, so that the residual charge of capacitor bank after being cut off from power system can be released rapidly. Therefore, the installation of discharge coil is a necessary technical safety measure for shunt capacitors in substation, which can effectively prevent switching overvoltage and over-current endangering equipment safety due to the capacitor still carrying charge when the capacitor bank is switched on again, and ensure the safety of maintenance personnel. With secondary winding, it can be used for line monitoring, monitoring and secondary protection.
    1、 The 10kV epoxy resin vacuum casting single-phase indoor semi enclosed product is connected in parallel with the high-voltage shunt capacitor bank. When the capacitor bank is disconnected from the system, the residual voltage on the capacitor bank can be reduced to the safe voltage within 5S. In normal operation, the secondary winding can be used for voltage indication, and residual voltage winding can also be provided if the user has special requirement 10kV oil immersed discharge coil.

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    It adopts fully sealed horizontal structure with reliable performance. Vacuum drying oil injection is adopted to ensure the insulation oil is completely isolated from the outside air. The compensation method of insulating oil adopts unique patent compensation technology. During the operation of the discharge coil all the year round, the box always maintains a micro positive pressure (the maximum is no more than 0.05 MPa, and the minimum is not less than 0.001 MPa)
    2. All parts have good sealing performance, need to check or replace parts within the expected life, and have explosion-proof function, belonging to maintenance free products.
    3. The starting point of design parameters is high, and the accuracy level is 0.9-1.3 times of rated voltage and 0-50va rated secondary load.
    3、 35kV discharge coil
    This series of discharge coils are used to connect all kinds of high voltage shunt capacitors in 35kV system, so that the residual charge of capacitor banks after being cut off from the power system can be released rapidly. The 35kV discharge coil can effectively prevent the overvoltage and over-current which endangers the safety of the equipment due to the charge of the capacitor bank when the capacitor bank is closed again. The capacitor bank with automatic control can release its charge below the safe voltage within the specified time, so as to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel. The product with secondary winding can be used for line monitoring, measurement and secondary protection.
    4、 35kV\66kV oil immersed discharge coil
    Fd21-w outdoor oil immersed discharge coil is used in the AC 50 Hz power system in parallel with the shunt capacitor bank. When the power supply of the shunt capacitor is cut off from the circuit, it is used as a discharge device to reduce the residual voltage on the capacitor to the safe value in a short time. It is used as a protection or measuring device when the power capacitor is running.
    Structure features
    The core of 35kV\66kV outdoor discharge coil is composed of high-quality silicon steel sheets, and the core column is equipped with appropriate insulation. The coil is installed (two iron cores are installed for differential pressure protection, and there are three terminal blocks on the high-voltage side). The body is fixed on the box cover. After vacuum drying, the transformer oil is injected into the oil tank and filled with vacuum, Stainless steel metal expanders are installed on both sides of the oil tank, which is protected by the cover, so that the insulating oil is isolated from the atmosphere and is not easy to age and absorb moisture. It is a fully enclosed structure. Channel steel is installed at the bottom foot for installation and fixation.



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